Tell the FTC: Make sure recycling labels are accurate

Re: Green Guides Review, Matter No. P954501

The term "recyclable" should only be used for items that are actually recyclable. Companies are using misleading labels to make their products seem better for the environment.

One example of this greenwashing is How2Recycle's "widely recyclable" label used on #5 polypropylene plastics. Many community recycling programs don't accept #5 plastics and even where it is accepted, facilities often send this plastic to the landfill instead. According to the EPA's most recently available data, only 2.7% of polypropylene plastic packaging is ever recycled.

We need to make sure more of our plastic is actually recycled instead of polluting our oceans, rivers and landscapes.

The FTC should prohibit the use of the word recyclable, the chasing arrows recycling symbol, or other statements that imply a product is recyclable unless the item is actually recyclable. Clearer guidelines would make it easier to stop the greenwashing that is misleading consumers.