Urge the EPA to cut pollution from trucks

Dear EPA Administrator Michael Regan,

I urge the EPA to create the strongest possible limits on pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses. Trucks create pollution that is warming our planet and polluting our communities. Smog pollution from trucks is a threat to public health, causing childhood asthma, cancer and even premature death. To protect our health and fight climate change, you must strengthen the proposed heavy-duty truck rule.

Proposed Option 1 to limit smog-forming nitrogen oxides (NOx) is a start, but should be revised to reduce deadly NOx pollution 90% by 2027. The proposed greenhouse gas emission standard is weak and must be improved to push the market to reduce global warming pollution and accelerate the market for electric trucks.

Cleaner trucks can deliver cleaner air. The EPA should go back to the drawing board to create a rule that will safeguard our health and climate.