Tell the Interior Department: Protect the belugas of Cook Inlet

Docket # BOEM-2020-0018-0049

Cook Inlet is home to a unique population of beluga whales that has been on the decline for decades.

Since 1979, Cook Inlet's belugas have dropped in number by 80%, and their population is still struggling to recover. One of the major threats facing these iconic Arctic whales is the pollution and habitat destruction that results from oil and gas exploration and drilling. Cook Inlet's iconic belugas are already struggling for their survival -- and new oil and gas projects in Cook Inlet that will pollute and fracture their habitat could be the final nail in their coffin.

One million acres of land are currently up for sale to entities that would develop them for oil and gas drilling. To protect Cook Inlet's endangered beluga whales, I urge you to cancel the lease sales in Cook Inlet.