Help save the bees

Dear California Department of Pesticide Regulation,

Thank you for taking an important first step in limiting the dangers of neonicotinoids to pollinators. By taking action on neonics, the CDPR is contributing to protecting California's vital bee populations.

I urge you to take additional measures to reaffirm California's position as a national leader on protecting bees from the impacts of deadly pesticides. I ask you to extend these regulations to include:

1. Banning the consumer sale of neonicotinoids. Private citizens aren't typically aware of the impacts of neonicotinoids, and consequently over-apply the pesticides.

2. Banning the pretreatment of seeds with neonicotinoids. Neonic coatings dissipate into soil and water, accumulating in our environment and posing a continual threat to nesting and foraging pollinators.

Incorporating these additional measures to limit harmful pesticides will have a meaningful impact on bee survival.