Tell Governor Newsom: We Need 100% Clean Energy by 2030

Last week, the sun didn't rise over the Bay Area. Smoke from over 3 million burned acres has clouded our skies and damaged our lungs, and at least 24 lives have been lost due to the wildfires in California. We've known for years that climate change makes us vulnerable to more frequent and intense wildfires, and now we're experiencing one of the worst fire years on record.

Just two years ago, Environment California stood by then-Gov. Jerry Brown as he signed a law committing California to 100 percent clean electricity by 2045. But as Gov. Newsom acknowledged last Friday, climate change is here, and "We're going to have to fast-track our efforts." We agree. So let's show him that Californians want his strong leadership to lead the nation to act on climate.

Tell Governor Newsom to commit California to 100 percent clean energy by 2030.

Subject: We need 100% clean energy by 2030