Not in California. Not at a time like this. 

frack well

Big Oil wants to use millions of gallons of water—at a time when California cannot afford to lose or abuse a drop—lace them with toxic chemicals and frack across California.

It's the worst idea and critical we shut the door on it now.

We're sending messages to Gov. Brown letting him know that Californians won't stand by and allow our communities and environment to be threatened by dirty drilling.

Will you send a message to the governor now?

Subject: No Fracking in California
I urge you to ban fracking in California.

More fracking in our state would consume vast quantities of our already-scarce water supplies, inject toxic chemicals into the ground near farmland and drinking water, pollute our air, and contribute to global warming.

Please continue to make your legacy a cleaner, greener California--not the environmental disaster that surely awaits us if the oil companies are allowed to frack more of our state.

Thank you.